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Lose Your Shirt: Blackjack

Whether you are a professional gambler, an amateur gambler, or just someone who randomly buys books on the internet, Lose Your Shirt: Blackjack can help you lose your hard-earned money faster, better, and more thoroughly than any other book by this author.

In LYS:B you will learn the basics of Las Vegas blackjack, common rule variations, systems (like card counting), methods of cheating, and much, much more — all with an eye toward making sure that your blackjack play sends you to the poor house, the big house, or out on the street in record time.

But what if you need to start losing right away and don't have time to be buying books and all that? Fortunately for you, help is on the way! Click the link below for a handy blackjack basic-strategy chart that you can download, print out, and bring with you to the casino. Good luck!